Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stamp Sale...Round 1.

It's a funny thing, this hobby.
You kind of amass fun/pretty things to use on projects and then're overwhelmed.
So you start to sort things into piles, and before you know it you realize not only are you out of room to store everything...but you feel intimidated by all of it sitting in front of you lol.

Or maybe that's just me?

But I only have a very few sets that I reach for again and I'm offering lots of fun sets to you all.
I have had SO MANY folks reach out to me about purchasing these in the past, that I thought I could do a bit of good for something that means an awful lot to me right now.

If you have seen my work, or follow me anywhere on social media you may be aware that my sweet Grandpa was diagnosed with Alzheimer's late in 2012. He resides in a lovely facility with other adults who suffer from this disease and despite many hurdles and thriving. Thriving for him means doing ok medically + minimal disruptions in his day to day routine. We are grateful that the rocky transition has eased up a bit, and that the staff that takes care of him adores him as much as we do. There are angels in this world...and I'm convinced that they work with dementia patients. They are a blessing that is immeasurable.

I am hoping that this first round of sales goes well, as the majority will be donated to a group that helped us get through some of the hardest times we faced as a family. I am trying the eBay route this go around, just because I was unsure how to tackle the logistics of everything.
You can find my listings here: ebay seller odie517
Most of these stamps were barely fact, many were never used at all, or I used one or two off of the sheet. All are in excellent condition.

As an incentive, please note that if you win any 5 or more of these sets, I WILL SHIP THEM TO YOU FOR FREE!! This is a great chance to snag some sets you've been looking for...and I will be listing more in the next few weeks, so please check back! Also, if you have any questions at all please shoot me a note at

Thanks in advance...your support is much appreciated.


  1. I saw those posted this morning! Glad to support someone I know AND my stamp addicition at the same time. :)

  2. Nicole, My thoughts are with you. My father passed away in April of 2011 after his battle with Alzheimer's, so I know what you and your family are going through. It's a horrible disease. Hang in there, honey.