Thursday, July 14, 2011

July is racing by...

and i find myself attempting to catch up.

but then i get caught up in how fast everything is going...not just one specific month.
but a couple of them strung together.
that fold into a year.
or a few years.
and suddenly, i am choked up about my baby girl not being a baby at all anymore.

an entire week passed where i was working out of town, and Mike dropped her off at soccer camp at a university 1.5 hours away. i didn't think i would miss her so dang much...but holy guacamole, these last 5 days have been rough. which got me thinking...she may only be 12 now, but then she'll be 15...and then 18...and then college...


and despite the trying times we may have between now and then, this growing up thing is BLOWING MY MIND. we couldn't be more proud of her...every quality we could have hoped for shines right through in every single thing she does. i keep getting told by people: 'just wait, your turn will's going to get rough eventually'.

i don't know, i'm having a hard time accepting that.
i think it's 100% possible to raise a child that doesn't automatically 'go through a hellish teen phase' just because 'all kids do it'. personally, i'm going to place all my faith in this girl.

because that approach hasn't failed me yet.

man, am i glad she's home.


  1. Wow... it has been a while since I've read blogs...

    And OMG, are you kidding me! Stop making me cry.

    This is what got me: "personally, i'm going to place all my faith in this girl.because that approach hasn't failed me yet."

    With that kind of loving attitude from you, even if it does get challenging in her teen years, I can't imagine A feeling like she can't trust you (which I think is a feeling a lot of teen girls have). Anyway, I think of my Ez, and how she's already a year & 1/2 and it has gone by so fast and I just hope we build as strong a bond as you and A have.

    I have always admired your relationship with A. She's a good kid, for sure, but you are a great mom! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Your post made me teary, because I am going through that with my son, he's going to be 14, starting high school in 6 weeks and it's killing me, just measured him and he's taller than me now, I know that high school is going to fly, he's already talking about going to Colorado for college, far from daughter will be turning 12, can't stop them from growing up, it's funny they want to grow up so fast and we want to keep them goes on, that's a gorgeous photo of you too, she's beautiful :)

  3. I remember people always telling me "just wait"
    and I cannot even begin to tell you how annoying it was...but I would just smile and nod. While it hasn't been perfect,my baby girl will be 20 in a few weeks, and I am still waiting for that keep the faith :)