Saturday, April 09, 2011

mama shock + emotions = retail therapy.

i know, i know...this isn't the first time i've confessed to being an emotional mama. (and it won't be the last lol) to set the scene, she had her 'Spring Fling' dance last night at school...i think she was more excited about getting together with the girls before to get ready, but she had been talking about it all week. i had been talking about it during work yesterday, and a few sweet coworkers made it a priority to get me out early so i could try to rush home and see her before they went. darn rush hour traffic. i didn't make it home in time, and while Mike snapped a few pics of her...i'll honest, i was bummed. but i knew she was having a ball, so it was all good. i settled in for the evening, got something to eat and hunkered down at my desk to work on a few assignments, etc. then my phone dinged...with this text: my god. A. where did my baby girl go? B. how sweet was it of her to ask a friend to snap a pic so she could text it to that i was able to see how amazingly beautiful she looked?? i'm sure those girls were wired with excitement, yet she thought enough to pause for a moment and include me so i could share this moment with her. needless to say, this mama got choked up. verklempt. overwhelmed. i'm so stinking proud of this young lady that i can hardly stand it. it may not seem like a big deal, but if you have a 'tween you sometimes wonder if you are getting through to them lol...this simple act proved that we definitely are. so what was i to do?? friday night, all wound up with 98687312 emotions flying around my brain...i decided to shop, lol. in case you missed it, 2peas has just about TRIPLED their site/store...adding Stamping AND Cardmaking sections to better serve their customers. people asked, they listened!! i'm excited to be part of all of the action there...but WOW. when they expanded the site, i had NO IDEA how many new/different products that meant they'd be expanding to!! here are a few faves... 6x6 or 8x8 paper pads.
i know that for lots of peeps, these have been a staple in their stash for ages...initially geared toward cardmakers, the cool thing about them is that the scale on the pattern is smaller. what i think is cool about them is that you can get samples of entire collections for a reasonable price...and for someone like me who rarely uses an entire sheet of 12x12 paper, this size seems like it will be fun. My Minds Eye 6x6 Pads
Echo Park 6x6 Pads

i fell in love with these Vintage Label Stamps from Jenni deal for $4. pair them with my Zing Powders and i can make labels in any color i want.
this is another awesome addition to the shop...Divine Twine. you just can't have enough of a staple item like this. i'm often drawn to ribbon, but find it hard to us on my projects...this stuff though? i use it on almost EVERY PAGE. and when you do the math, it comes out to like, $0.06 PER YARD!!! i know i won't have a hard time getting my monies worth out of this grey color...come to mama, lol.
it's been awhile since i made a mini album, and i've got the itch. LOVE that this new one from October Aftenoon's 5&10 Line has patterned papers included in it. again, a way for me to get a sample of the entire line without buying huge sheets of paper that i know i won't use up.

eager to turn my retail therapy spree into a creative therapy spree that this hobby enables me to do so!

have a great weekend :)


  1. I have lived through the tween years for the third time.
    I really did enjoy it, emotions and all.
    So sweet of her to send you a text :)

  2. i can so relate to your feelings! the time seems to fly by and all of a sudden your little girl has turned into a woman. my girl is in her first year in college and man, does it seem weird!! anyway your daughter is so beautiful! i hope she had a wonderful time! also wanted to comment on the gorgeous gray twine! might have to pick up some of that!

  3. So sweet of your daughter to send you a text! I would shop as a result too. :) Excited to see the Divine Twine at Two Peas. I use it a lot too!

  4. Now I want everything you just bought too!

  5. that is SO sweet that your adorable daughter thought to send you that text, that is so something my girlie would have done too, she's 11 and she thinks I'm the best, loves me to death and I hope it stays that way...I have a teenage son (14) and although I know he loves me, he doesn't show it anymore, it's not "cool" so I am enjoying my girlies affections while it lasts! Loving those paper pads, great for cards like you said, I'll have to check it out...although I just received a HUGE order from two peas, just had my 40th birthday, everyone sent me $$ so I spent it all there!

  6. What a sweet story, Nik:) And love your shopping list! I did some retail therapy myself today, in the form of an instax camera!

  7. she looked gorgeous! i both look forward to and dread those days. :) xoxo

  8. oh Nik! She looks absolutely adorable. I remember when my girl when to her first school dance. I seriously rushed home to get photos then my dh chaperoned the dance:) And now it's onto highschool dances which we have yet to take advantage of. Seriously? Where does the time go?