Sunday, May 10, 2009

because of her.

wow...she is going to be 10 next weekend. kind of a wake-up call, i suppose. just a few thoughts...

  • because of her...i am celebrated on Mother's Day.
  • i know every word to every Jonas Brothers song recorded.
  • i enjoy the game of soccer.
  • my life is sometimes crazy...and other times perfectly calm.
  • i smile at the little things.
  • i am just a little more careful about everything i do.
  • my protective mode slips into high gear.
  • i look at her face and think, 'there is nobody quite so beautiful'.
  • i am aware that the best parts of both Mike & i made it into her little body.
  • my heart fills with pride on so many occasions.
  • i began this crazy hobby.
  • i understand that while bad days come & go, the good ones stay with you forever.
  • i am reminded that no job is quite as fulfilling as being her mama...and there is no greater praise than 'Mom, you're the best.'
  • i have seen heartache from a different perspective...refer back to the protective mode comment, lol.
  • my hair is just a bit greyer...and there are a few more 'worry lines' on my face.
  • i have these beautiful flowers to look at for the next couple of days...

love you my sweet girl...because of you, i am complete.


  1. happy mother's day nik! what a sweet picture of the two of you!

  2. so, so sweet...i love your "list"..your DD is beautiful, inside and out. happy mother's day!

  3. Happy Mother's Day, Nik! What a great post...

  4. Ahhhh - Happy Mothers Day! Hope it was fabulous - you two are so cute!

  5. very sweet! i'm late, but happy mom's day to you. i hope it was as wonderful as this post!

  6. *sniffle*

    Such a sweet post. I hope you had a lovely day!